Advantages To Travelling On Three Wheels

For some reason, the majority of people automatically think that a four wheeled mobility scooter will be better than a three wheeled version. However, there are a number of advantages that come along with the 3 wheeled models which often make them a much better choice of scooter for those with mobility issues. Let’s take a look at what are considered to be the top three benefits of a three wheeled scooter: aesthetics, maneuverability and convenience of use. The aesthetic appeal probably is not all that important to most users, but it is a common opinion that the three wheeled models look much more pleasing than the four wheelers which are often bulky and less aerodynamic. However, maneuverability and convenience are much more pertinent for most disabled or elderly scooter riders.

Three Wheeled Turning With Ease

When it comes to turning a mobility scooter, three wheelers make use of advanced technology which allows them to perform a much tighter and more fluid turning circle. Four wheeled scooters can perform wider, sweeping turns with ease but they find tight corners almost impossible. In these situations, those using a four wheel scooter need to perform a series of multiple small motions backwards and forwards in order to make the turn. Needless to say this can be highly frustrating. However, thanks to the single front wheel on a three wheeler, the rider can make these turns very quickly making this type of scooter much more user friendly.

It is true that the four wheel variety of mobility scooter can offer a little more stability, but this is not always a key factor for scooter users. Many disabled or elderly people just want a convenient method of transportation to get them from A to B without assistance form other people. In this case, a three wheel scooter can be more attractive because of the simple maneuverability. If you just want to get where you are going as quickly and easily as possible then you won’t want to be hindered by complicated turning maneuvers which just make things more difficult.

Good Looks Never Hurt!

While the aesthetic appeal is perhaps not as important, or some it is still a consideration. If you are to be using your mobility scooter on a daily basis then you will need to be happy with how it looks. The three wheel design is often the more pleasing option visually as it looks much more streamlined than the four wheeled versions.

A mobility scooter can be a big part of your life so it is important to make the right choice for your own needs.

Choosing The Best Alloy Wheels For Your Car

Many car owners enjoy fitting the alloy wheels in their car. They also help the neighbours to do the fitting task. It has now become a very popular pastime among all the car owners. With so many varieties of designs, styles and patterns of wheels available in the market you can get confused while you are looking for the best wheels for your car. They are very expensive and so cost a lot of money. Therefore, you should take time to choose the best wheels for your car.

How To Find The Best Alloy Wheels?

Tip 1

Do Serious Research

If compared with the standard steel rims, alloy rims have different features. Standard steel rims are also a very popular choice among the car owners. Aluminum and magnesium are the core metal components of standard steel rims. This is one of the major reasons why a lot of car owners choose steel rims.

Before you take the decision to choose alloy wheels for your car it’s advisable to take some time from your busy schedule to do some more research on them so that you can choose the best wheels for your car. One of the very first benefits of choosing alloy wheels is that it’s very lighter in comparison to the standard rims. Therefore, you can enjoy a safe and smooth drive.

Tip 2

Look For Top Manufacturers

The next step is to make a list of the top manufacturers in your area. You can get referral from a local mechanic who can help you find a reputed manufacturer in your area. Moreover, you can also do some online research to find a reliable car store.

Check the products of the different stores and choose the best one. The reason you should take time from your schedule to learn about the best manufacturers is because they can offer you with quality products. You should also look for a manufacturer who can offer you with a cost-effective product.


Alloy wheels are definitely a better option in comparison to standard steel ones. It is costly. However, you can enjoy the benefits in the long run. Durability of the wheels have made it a popular choice among the consumers. Moreover, you can also get a good discount on them if you buy it from the online stores.

It’s advisable to read the testimonials of the online store or manufacturer’s shop before you buy any product from them. You may also speak with the existing customers to know more about the shop. It can help you choose the best manufacturer who can offer you a good product. Keep all these excellent tips in mind to choose the best alloy wheels for your car.

Finding The Best Wheels Suitable for All Weather Conditions

We tend to drive with the same wheels and tyres throughout the year and don’t consider changing them for the winter months. But that’s because we live in the southern hemisphere. If we do this so blindly, are the wheels on our cars suitable for all weather conditions or are we taking our chances?

There are a wide range of options available that accommodate the everyday driver as well as race car enthusiasts. Whether it is suitable for all weather conditions will depend on which type of wheels and tyres you opt for. Generally, most passenger vehicle options are suitable for all weather conditions. Come watch and join us at tires and rims Puyallup for here

However, when choosing wheels and tyres for your car you need to consider cold, hot, and wet weather conditions. As they might go through all of these harsh conditions at some point during the year so they could get damaged. Or worse, they won’t be able to grip the road when you need it most, such as on wet roads. This could lead your car to skid dangerously across the road. Therefore you need to ensure that the wheels and tyres can handle wet conditions as well as cold and hot weather conditions.

In the southern hemisphere, snow isn’t seen much. However, cold conditions can affect the texture of the rubber on the tyre. A change of tyres for winter should only be considered if the temperature falls below seven degrees Celsius. In that case, choose ones that are made with a finer tread pattern for added grip. They are likely to stop quicker because they are made for slippery roads.

For wet seasons, the tread on the tyre should have longitudinal and lateral treads. This helps with traction on the road when water takes the resistance away between the tyre and road. Often the types of wheels and tyres that work best for most weather conditions would be the A/S (all-season) tyres.

When it comes to hot seasons, you have to consider that your wheels and tyres might get increasingly heated especially if you are driving fast or for a long distance. Heat causes your tyres to become overinflated and close to splitting due to the gasses that get compressed. You would have to drive slower to reduce the friction.

All season tyres are a good option for drivers in the southern hemisphere where they can be used throughout the year, as the temperature does not fluctuate that much between seasons. Wheel suppliers distribute the relevant types of wheels and tyres to each country meaning that weather conditions have been accounted for. So they won’t send snow wheels and tyres to the southern countries where snow does not fall.